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How can Fintech reshape the future of finance through blockchain-enabled innovation?

At the forefront of innovation, Natixis CIB aims at identifying the new age of fintech, disruptive innovation and new market opportunities.

What are we looking for?

  • You are an early-stage fintech startup, with innovative technologies or solutions looking for clients
  • You are a fintech scaleup with established solutions and looking to accelerate your growth

Benefit from

For the winner:

  • Grand prize €30 K

For the winner and the two finalists:

  • Coaching from experts (1-year coaching plan within BPCE experts)
  • Shine through BPCE (Participate in key Groupe BPCE events worldwide)
  • Hello Tomorrow Global Summit (Full access pass to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit and the Investor Day)


  • January 17th: AMA webinar! Natixis and Hello Tomorrow will discuss challenge topics, eligibility criteria, and prizes. Questions welcome! Watch the replay here
  • January 31st: Application closed Submit your online application before midnight CET
  • Mid February: Alignment calls Natixis and selected startups to align on goals and expectations
  • March 9-10th: Final event, winners announced at the Global Summit
  • April/May: Beginning of the support by Natixis CIB

Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking in a nutshell

Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking is a leading global financial institution that provides advisory, investment banking, financing, corporate banking and capital markets services to corporations, financial institutions, financial sponsors and sovereign and supranational organizations worldwide.



Please consult our website and brochure for more details on the challenge. (value proposition, eligibility criteria, selection process, etc.)

You can also contact our project lead, Marwan Aïtomar (, for any questions.


L’Oréal Green Sciences Incubator is looking for game-changing solutions to onboard on their innovation journey. Through this call, L’Oréal GSI will offer a unique opportunity for selected startups to collaborate with L’Oréal and reveal their potential.


  • Biotechnology & Fermentation - culturing microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, microalgae, fungi) or cells (animal or plant) in bioreactors or controlled environments.
  • Sustainable cultivation - cultural practices and technologies that aim to manage water resources, respect biodiversity and soil quality, limit land occupancy footprint and carbon emissions while providing macroscopic organisms (plant, mushroom & algae) for innovation.
  • Green extraction & Physical processes - eco-respectful technology leading to a final ingredient without any (bio)chemical transformation of natural resources from plant, algae, mushrooms, μorganisms, cells or abundant minerals.
  • Green chemistry - design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use/generation of hazardous substances.


  • Currently operating in another sector than cosmetics and would like to transfer your innovative solution to join the cosmetics industry with L’Oréal’s support.
  • Currently operating in the cosmetics industry and would like to accelerate your solutions thanks to this collaboration.


Please consult our brochure and website for more details on the initiative. 

Don't hesitate to join our Q&A webinar on January 17th at 5pm CET to learn more and talk to L'Oréal's team. Register for free here. 

You can also contact our project lead, Emma Carnus ( for any question.

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