Hello Tomorrow is a global initiative that transforms breakthrough discoveries in science and technology into products and services that can help improve human and planetary health, and allow businesses to develop more sustainably.

Over the course of nine editions, the Hello Tomorrow Global Startup Challenge has received 30,000 applications from 132 countries, partnering with universities and research institutions worldwide to identify deep tech solutions that have real global impact. Through their international events, Hello Tomorrow connects all key players to harness their full potential. Through consulting services in strategy and innovation and customised startup programs, they help companies understand how deep tech will impact their business, how to stay competitive and to launch new solutions.



Galp is looking for impactful startups with innovative solutions that will help change the energy landscape. In this third iteration of the STARTUP THE FUTURE Open Innovation Program, Galp will offer a unique chance for chosen startups to collaborate with Galp and accelerate their business.



Unlock opportunities to:

  • Co-develop a fully-funded pilot with Galp to test your business and gain access to new markets
  • Connect with the Galp Corporate Venture Capital team and world-class experts in the energy sector
  • Travel to Lisbon, Portugal, and showcase your solution at the Web Summit 2024



Galp is calling on startups that offer game-changing solutions to the following challenges:

AI & Blockchain for Enhanced Fuels Value Chain

Leverage advanced digital technologies to improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of the energy infrastructure in particular for biofuels and SAF including:

  • Using AI & sensors-based object recognition to automate waste sorting and boost sustainable fuel production from residues.
  • Providing digital solutions (AI & blockchain) to ensure supply chain visibility, traceability, and sustainability, particularly in tracking feedstock and production processes.

Advanced Construction Techniques & Operational Excellence for Renewables

Integrate cutting-edge technologies for renewable assets' design, installation, and management. While our focus is on the following areas, solutions that address the overall targets are also encouraged to apply: 

  • Non conventional storage batteries.
  • Innovative installation techniques and equipment, decarbonising construction of renewable assets or solve the curtailment issue (e.g. hybridization, insulation techniques).
  • Innovative diagnosis techniques for solar module performance and defects detection (e.g. automation of the process or AI platforms to detect malfunctions).
  • New materials for renewables, from PV cells to wind blades.
  • PV autonomous maintenance, including cleaning and vegetation control.

Next-gen Industrial Efficiency & Heat Decarbonisation

Develop commercial applications adopting innovation technologies for decarbonised energy management and advanced infrastructure. While our focus is on the following areas, solutions that address the overall targets are also encouraged to apply: 

  • Energy audits: analyze data and identify opportunities to decarbonise or increase energy efficiency
  • AI driven energy management: Energy management platforms that use consumption data in addition to other variables (e.g. pricing, weather forecast) to enhance the energy efficiency of the factories, energy price arbitrage
  • Heat decarbonisation through electrification: direct electrification, high temp heat pumps, thermal storage
  • Air compressor control and monitoring

Energy Solutions for Emerging Markets

Tackle energy scarcity by enabling sustainable energy solutions for underserved communities including:

  • Affordable access to services
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • Mini-grids: generation and distribution
  • Renewable home-energy systems: small (0-10W) and large (10-100W)

Pioneering Eco-Friendly Mobility solutions & Connectivity

Explore cutting-edge innovations aimed at transforming the landscape to revolutionize the way we drive including:

  • EV charging solutions, from integrated solar & storage, to massification of infrastructure
  • Vehicle-to-everything communication technologies (V2X)



You are eligible if you are a Startup working on technology-based solutions for these challenges and are currently at least at an Experimental Proof-of-Concept stage (TRL 3-4).


                                                        Applications close on September 10th. 


Please consult our brochure and website for more details on the initiative. 

You can also contact Yeye Xiao (yeye.xiao@hello-tomorrow.org) or Ahmedaziz Amri (ahmedaziz.amri@hello-tomorrow.org) for any questions.

Venture Lab Niterra Group is committed to shape the future of energy management to support decentralized, highly efficient energy and a safe environment. By harnessing the power of advanced IoT sensing and monitoring technologies, our goal is to unleash the potential to optimize the resource use and foster a more sustainable world.

Our ambition is to catalyze the transformation of entrepreneurial ideas into solutions that can be implemented on a large scale. By fostering a collaborative environment and providing the resources and guidance necessary, we empower entrepreneurs and inventors to turn their visions into reality and revolutionize energy management practices.



Apply and get a chance to be selected as a finalist, and participate in a 2-week co-development bootcamp, including 1 week in person at Niterra’s Tokyo offices, to speed up development & commercialization. 

If you are the final winner, get access to:

1. Technical and market support 

  • Dedicated office hours from subject matter experts for core assets from Niterra 
  • Availability of Venture Lab expert team with frameworks, process, tools and access to tech stack network 
  • Faster time to market and less effort by Co-Development 
  • Benefit from continuous mentoring, industry introductions, networking, and learning opportunities to accelerate your growth. 

2. Investment and resources 

  • Possible investment on terms created by founders for founders, allowing you to concentrate fully on realizing your vision. 
  • Additionally, bringing our top engineers, marketers, product managers and more directly to your side, working as one seamless team. 



NEXT GENERATION GAS & LIQUID SENSORS: We are seeking startups developing cutting-edge gas or liquid sensors, as well as cutting-edge IoT systems couples with these technologies, to participate in our challenge.  

Particular emphasis on the following use cases is a plus: 

  • Smart Gas Grid: Improving performance and distribution of smart gas grids in real time while minimizing costs and maintaining the stability and reliability of the grid.  
  • Asset Management: Optimizing the use of energy and assets to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and ensure sustainable resource utilization and compliance with environmental regulations. 
  • Environment monitoring: Enhancing environmental monitoring to foster a safe environment by optimizing energy usage, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and safeguarding natural resources and human well-being.


You are eligible if you are: 

  • An early-stage startup developing an advanced technology, innovative service or business concept leveraging gas and liquid sensors suitable for energy management applications 
  • A growth-stage startup with a high-value added product/service leveraging advanced gas and liquid sensor technologies and looking to scale  


                                                        Applications close on July 8th. 


L’Oréal Green Sciences Incubator seeks groundbreaking solutions to integrate into their innovation journey. Through this initiative, selected startups will have the chance to be incubated at the Genopole Biocluster and to collaborate with L’Oréal, unveiling their potential.


  • BIO-SOURCED FEEDSTOCK RESILIENCE  - innovative feedstocks production, natural ecosystems monitoring production
  • CIRCULAR TECHNOLOGIES - biocircularity, carbon capture & utilisation, industrial side streams 
  • WATER MANAGEMENT - improving water quality in&out, water harvesting
  • RENEWABLE CARBON INTO VALUABLE MOLECULES - innovative fermentation processes, fermentable raw materials for industrial biotechnologies, emerging green chemistry processes



  • Looking for unique lab facilities and technology platforms to bring your solution to the next level and willing to be incubated, on-site, at the Genopole (Evry-Courcouronnes, France) for 1-year renewable. 
  • Currently operating in another sector than cosmetics and would like to transfer your innovative solution to join the cosmetics industry with L’Oréal’s support.
  • Currently operating in the cosmetics industry and would like to accelerate your solutions thanks to this collaboration.

        Applications close on May 31st 2024. 


Please consult our brochure and website for more details on the initiative. 

You can also contact our project lead, carolina.montealegre@hello-tomorrow.org for any question.

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